Everything you need to help me subdivide my property is available here, if you need anything further please contact me through the usual channels.


Site Plan Circa 2010 (PDF)Site-Map-ROLYS-HOUSE-2768-Old-Gympie-Road-Beerwah-4519.pdf

Site Plan and Contours (circa 2010)Survey-2768-Site-Plan-and-Contours-Job-No-530101.zip

Registered Site Plan # 192476Site-Plan-Official-2768-Old-Gypie-Road-Beerwah-Property-Plan-Portrait.pdf

Registered Plan 1983.


Survey / Contour Map

Surveys of the land were conducted 2009 and still accurate. Click on any image for more detail. You can also download more detailed PDF’s. Download and view the files DWG Files on your CAD software.

A Zip file with the following three files (530101.dwg, 530101.pdf, 530102.pdf) An AUTOCAD Drawing File (DWG) and two contour maps.